Wednesday, November 7, 2018

With my respect for law and public borders.

Written by Andrey Makarevich.
Translated by Viktor Birkus.

With my respect for law and public borders,
I walk by street, not same as anyone.
Despite the traffic rules and orders,
I use the opposite pedestrian run.

For that I see, just only one main reason,
It simply looks a piece of cake,
In moving stream, just napes and necks in vision,

By this reverse, it helps to see a face.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Know and Belief.

Written by Andrey Makarevich.
Translated by Viktor Birkus.

Our life goes from edge to edge;
At both sides, the doors are located,
And “I know” on the last door is written
“I believe” you can read at the entrance.

Having only one head, you will never
Open both doors and come at the same time.
When you trust, you do it not knowing;
When you know, it’s no longer believing.

As expanding a personal mind
Every day from the moment of birth,
We explore the roads of knowledge
And some doubt arrives with cognition.

And the mystery will be there forever
With no help from the scientist’s eggheads –
“When we know”, we are immensely weak,
“With a faith”, we are at our strongest.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Existing or to be.

Written by Yuri Voronov.
Translated by Viktor Birkus.

Among at all that intertwined in our life,
Quite often selfishness leads us.
Existing or to be, that is the question.
Look like someone or somebody to be?
Be brave, or just pretend to brave?
You sacrificed, loved, created, taught,
Or only talk about it in public,
Afraid confess you in the truth?
What striving you: pretending or to be?
How much cost life in luxury and rest,
When try to sculpt her into falseness dress?

Pretend is easy, difficult to be.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Without Me, 1916,
Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin.
Translated by Viktor Birkus.

I think one day, I’ll pass away;
And in this selfsame empty room
Will the same chair and table stay,
And image, ancient and stern.

A butterfly, likewise today,
In a fluffy tender, rainbow silk
Will come on a sunny summer day
To fly and trembling on a sunbeam

Fathomless bottom of the sky
Looks in the window day and night;
And the azure sea with calmed light
Tempts into boundless happy flight.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

About me


My name is Viktor. I was born in 20th Century, in the distant 19... after Christ. It was happened on the outskirts of the Milky Way galaxy, on the third planet from the Sun which named the Earth. It is not too far from the geographical middle of Europe in the beautiful seaside city in Ukraine.
I'm based in Vancouver and many of my photos are taken from the amazing architectural design and cityscape photography.
I am looking forward to sharing my view of the world with everyone!
Photography is my passion and shares that passion with you through my photoblog.
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With my respect for law and public borders. Written by Andrey Makarevich. Translated by Viktor Birkus. With my respect for law and...